doccia solare ecosostenibile in polipropilenedoccia solare ecosostenibile in polipropilene


Solar showers

SOL-P2, an outdoor shower made of plastic, is specially designed to allow its positioning in any direction, ensuring the absorption of sunrays at 360 °. SOL-P2, 2,187 m high, is a valuable polypropylene model, which adapts to different contexts.

ATI’s showers are simple to install and do not require any intervention by specialized technicians.
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sol-p2 solar shower in POLYPROPYLENE – 23 lt

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Main components:

  • UV stabilized non-toxic polypropylene tank suitable for food uses.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel basement.
  • Hydraulic parts (water mixer, shower head, tap) in suitably treated noble materials.
  • Gaskets specially designed for outdoor use, withstanding weather conditions of humidity and rain.

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Dimensions 225 cm