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Docce solari

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The second solar shower in the stainless steel range is the model SOL-N, which, like the first one, was designed to allow the positioning in any direction, ensuring the absorption of sunrays at 360°. The cylindrical shape allows its placement in different areas, even where space is scarce. The material used is methacrylate, very common in the construction of aircraft windows. The methacrylate was chosen for its characteristic of remaining unaltered over time, preserving a constant transparency and maximum capture of sunlight. The hydraulic parts, such as the water mixer, shower head and others, are in suitably treated noble materials. The rubber seals are specially designed for outdoor use, given its use in other sectors, such as the automotive one. On a normal day of insolation and with repeated withdrawals, the shower SOL-N can supply over 120 litres of domestic hot water at the use temperature.

ATI’s showers are simple to install and do not require any intervention by specialized technicians.
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Main components of the garden solar shower in stainless steel:

  • solar tube, basement and accessories in AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • greenhouse effect thanks to a methacrylate tube.

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Dimensions 225 cm