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Docce solari

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By observing the model SOL-M you immediately notice the elegance given by the black colour, which is adaptable to any environment and situation. The design of this outdoor shower was conceived to allow the positioning in any direction, always ensuring the absorption of sunrays at 360°. The body of cylindrical shape, thanks to the methacrylate with which it is made, gives this model a plus of compactness and solidity. The outdoor shower SOL-M is entirely made with suitably treated noble materials, from the hydraulic parts, such as the water mixer and the shower head, up to the gaskets, according to a methodical and scrupulous realization process. On a sunny day, with repeated withdrawals, the outdoor shower SOL-M can supply up to 240 litres of domestic hot water at the use temperature. SOL-TM represents the innovation in the range of outdoor enamelled showers, being equipped with a water mixer with a push button and timed stop.

Thanks to its functionalities, it is ideal for collective use contexts, such as campsites, holiday farms and tourist villages.

ATI’s showers are simple to install and do not require any intervention by specialized technicians.
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SOL-M consists of:

  • Solar tube in enamelled steel
  • Support base in 4 mm thick galvanized steel
  • Magnesium anode
    SOL-TM provides:
  • Single-lever mixer with push-button control and timed stop.
  • Rotary mechanical mixing.
  • Supply time: 15 +/- 5 sec (at 3 bar).

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Dimensions 225 cm