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Docce solari

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New circular solar shower, the new black powder coating makes it even more resistant to atmospheric agents, the specially designed design allows positioning in any direction, always ensuring the absorption of the sun’s rays at 360 °.

ATI’s showers are simple to install and do not require any intervention by specialized technicians. Click the icon to download the installation sheet.

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Main components:

  • new powder coating, black color;
  • tank in AISI 316 L stainless steel;
  • hydraulic parts (mixer, shower head, faucet) in suitably treated noble materials;
  • seals specially designed for outdoor use.
  • tank capacity: 28lt;
  • water connection: 1/2"M;
  • maximun pressure: 3 bar;
  • net weight: 12 kg.

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Dimensions 225 cm