Doccia esterno minijet senza miscelatoreDoccia esterno minijet senza miscelatore


Docce da esterno

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The outdoor shower mod. Minijet with water mixer is equipped with foot washer, which is very useful in terms of efficacy and practicality. Characterized by a minimal design, the outdoor shower Minijet with water mixer is made of high quality AISI 316 stainless steel, which grants an excellent resistance to corrosion. The models have a BA mirror finish, internal hydraulic parts in brass, copper and stainless steel and flexible hoses for cold and hot water (available only for the M version) in order to make the shower connection to the system easier. They also have a very thick fixing base to grant stability and strength when anchored to the ground.

ATI’s showers are simple to install and do not require any intervention by specialized technicians.
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Water mixer - €780 VAT excluded

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The outdoor shower Minijet with water mixer is available in 3 versions:

  • MINIJET-M equipped with a water mixer for the shower and a manual closing tap for the foot washer. All this allows an easy temperature adjustment.
  • MINIJET-R equipped with manual closing tap for the shower and the foot washer.
  • MINIJET-P equipped with a programmed time button for the shower and the foot washer, in order to reduce the consumption of water.

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Dimensions 225 cm